Fri. Sep 20th, 2019

Shady R. Abuyusuf

CELTA/S Tutor & Academic Manager, Britishey Training Centre: a Cambridge Assessment English Authorised Centre

Hamed Ashraf Tarabeh

It was a no-brainer getting enrolled on How to teach IELTS as it was an excellent opportunity to learn how to prepare learners for the exam, be ready for it myself, and spend more time with such a knowledgeable professional CELTA tutor such as Dr. Abuyusuf. Furthermore, the more chances this course will allow me in the competitive market of ELT make me confidently recommend the course to anyone seeking a more in-depth understanding of receptive and productive skills and their sub-skills. Worth every effort and every pound.

Hamed Ashraf TarabehEnglish Language TeacherBritishey Training Centre
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