Fri. Sep 20th, 2019

Shady R. Abuyusuf

CELTA/S Tutor & Academic Manager, Britishey Training Centre: a Cambridge Assessment English Authorised Centre

Hala Mohamed Hasaneen

As an English teacher at Future University in Egypt, I highly needed to have more profound knowledge, experience and opportunities concerning teaching IELTS at the university or  any other professional educational organizations. This would not have been achieved without taking a step forward to keep developing my teaching skills. Accordingly, it took less than a second to join this course once I was informed that it was constructively designed, formulated and taught by Dr.Shady Abuyusuf as I am fully aware that he definitely has the ability to teach me how to make the best use of it. I would say that I am really fortunate that I made this sagacious decision of having this turn so that I can skillfully grasp the fundamentals and supplements of teaching IELTS. Thanks a million Dr. Shady Abuyusuf!

Hala Mohamed HasaneenEnglish Language TeacherFuture University in EgyptNew Cairo, Egypt
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